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If you have already filled out and sent the registration form on the subpage registration and you have marked the option that you want to become a member of the Slovak Statistical and Demographic Society, then you do not need once again to fill and send the registration form below. Just follow the instructions below concerning the payment of the membership fee.
When you have registered on the subpage registration, a personal user account has been created, with which you can log in to the website You can check your login data in email, which has been sent to your email address after the registration.

SSDS membership fee for the year 2019 is EUR 5. The membership fee can be paid via bank transfer to the account of SSDS number: 4021244256/7500, IBAN: SK33 7500 0000 0040 2124 4256, SWIFT code: CEKOSKBX (Československá obchodná banka a. s.), ID: 00178764, Tax ID: 2021504276. Variable code of the payment: current year. To the comment field of the payment, please enter your name.

SSDS membership fee includes participation for members of SSDS at events of SSDS without paying the registration fee for the given event, if member does not claim for materials and services included in the registration fee of the event and will participate without presentation and without publication of own contribution or abstract.

After filling out and sending the registration form you will receive to your e-mail address an auto-message that confirms your registration. This message can be useful in future, for example, if you forget your user name or password to site, so please do not delete it. Delivery of auto-message may take up to 60 minutes. If you have any questions about registration or login, please contact the site administrator at adm.ssds(at)

When you register a user account, the user name and the email must be unique. This means that same user name and same email address can not be registered by two users.